A Targeted Approach

We are a team of digital defenders—hackers, specialists, engineers, and inventors— united to protect those working to leverage technology to achieve the maximum possible good, while persistently hunting those with malicious intent 61320.

  • Managed Detection and Response services

  • Threats Bypass Current Generation Tooling

  • Security Engineer Retention Solved

  • Digital Defense

Our services

Managed Detection and Response

Our Security’s Managed Detection and Response services leverage threat and log data enhanced with asset and threat intelligence to prioritize escalations.

Threats Bypass Current Generation Tooling

To successfully defend against next-generation threats, you need a comprehensive view of your network. Our platform enables your security operations team to see where you stand

Digital Defense

Hackers are determined. Don’t takle them alone, we are here to help.

We have some of the brightest scientists in digital defense with the most advanced, easy-to-deploy technology to protect your organization. 


Your team, your time, and your ideas are your most valuable assets. Your internal trusted resources need to focus on key business enablement activities.

Security Engineer Retention Solved

You can keep trying to hire a security manager. Or you can let our Security Operations Center do the work.

On-Demand  Capacity

At any point in the process, workload can be shifted to our team of experts.

Security Engineer Retention Solved

You can keep trying to hire a security manager. Or you can let our Security Operations Center do the work.

Query Your Log Data To Improve IT Operations and Security

Our Engine log search enables enterprises to improve IT operations and their cybersecurity posture.









Latest Publications

We have a truly exciting opportunity to announce to the greater community of applied researchers, applied scientists and engineers worldwide. We are launching a new high-impact-striving journal entitled “TECHNOLOGY”

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“Clients should be wary of claims from traditional MSSPs on their ability to deliver MDR-like services. Delivering these services requires technologies not traditionally in scope for MSS.”

Managed Detection and Response Services Market Guide. May 2017, CHIEF SCIENTIST

Value-Added Partners

We take partnerships seriously. We believe that real results come to both parties, when we are aligned organizationally. That means we have overlapping values, goals, and strategies to realize them. That means we want partners who are as serious as we are about managing their clients’ risk, securing their environment, and keeping their business-needs top of mind. And, who believe that the new cybersecurity paradigm of Detection and Response is the way to do it.

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We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focussed and efficient data discovery

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